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23 Ottobre 2016


Where you hear singing or playing stopped, because evil men have no songs and music

Music is at home

In the rooms’ houses welcome you the pretty music-themed prints which create curiosity to know and investigate some aspects of the music; your stay will be an occasion to learn a musical instrument that you didn’t know, the plot of an Italian opera, or discover the origins of jazz. Those who loves music and nature will find the harmony of place and mind.

In the Venus Hall of the restaurant you can review the posters of previous editions of the “Festival of the Two Worlds” in Spoleto. A town which, thanks to the valuable presence of many theatres made of music and art its natural vocation because Spoleto is a holiday of the soul – as Maestro Giancarlo Menotti said.

In Valle Rosa music is at home: Matteo, the family musician, thanks to his passion for the band, is delighted to compose a march titled “Valle Rosa”, a tribute to this location that is set to become a country music reference hotel in Umbria. A further curiosity is that just in Spoleto was born Girolamo Fantini who in 1638 published the first method in the world for the study of the trumpet, one of the noblest wind instruments that has become the emblem of modern jazz and military and popular music.

The restoration of the fresco

Valle Rosa appears as a fine example of rural agro artifact of Spoleto with dovecote tower. The oldest part of the impressive building dates back no doubt at least at the mid-fifteenth century, if not before, the period to which dates the valuable fresco in the rectangular plastered and painted niche on the western side of the tower, clearly visible from the lovely outdoor courtyard.
The painting is a typical devotional  aedicule of  mid-late ‘400, depicts a fine Enthroned Madonna with Child. The figure is a waist effigy with red and yellow damask cloth of Umbria-Spoleto school on the background

The painting, for its ornaments and the faces, is attributed to an unknown probably local painter of the second half of the fifteenth century. A very similar style, so that it looks the same hand, is found in various figures of saints in the Church of San Giovanni Battista in San Zenone Fortress on the slopes of Val di Serra. Other local experts say the same hand is recognizable in at least three other similar subjects, respectively, in the crypt of St. Pontian, in the church of San Sebastiano in Terraia and an aedicule placed in a farmhouse in the village of Poggiolo. Other local art lovers believe the author could be attributable to the School of Maestro of Narni or the Maestro of Eggi or even to Pier Matteo of Amelia, but no certain allocation has yet to be proven.
In the lower part of the painting the partially legible inscription “A.D. MCCCC … XXIII “confirms the time period of execution; depending on how you interpret the missing digit year may be 1443 (xx MCCCC XXIII), or perhaps in 1473 (MCCCC L XXIII).

In September 2016, steps were taken to a restoration that has restored the image its original beauty that will make us live the excitement and the experience of staying in a place full of history and tradition.

A future as agritourism?

HONEY: Along the path skirting the stream Tessino towards Spoleto, are visible boxes for bees; from here and other nearby productions comes “Valle Rosa honey”, a tasty local product appreciated by many of our guests.

OIL: We will also have soon our oil! Young olive trees are growing behind the cottages. When it will be productive we can finally organize groups for the olive harvest (in the appropriate periods). We will be protagonists of the new oil birth: bring the olives to the mill, and after pressing, by evening we will taste it all together on bruschetta with homemade bread from Valle Rosa chefs … Physical activity and culinary satisfaction will be rejuvenating both for the physical and the mind and it will be an unforgettable experience.

It may be the beginning of a rediscovery of the agricultural origin of the estate!

Some special Videos:

  • The inauguration of Valle Rosa on the local transmission “The Zibaldino” by Gabriella Ermini on May 14, 1994, a moment that we like to remember as a starting point and as urge to do better for the accommodation in Spoleto.
  • The first execution of the wind band march “Valle Rosa”, an original song written by Matteo Filippi and here played by the musical band “Città di Spoleto” at the Teatro Nuovo “Giancarlo Menotti” in Spoleto on 8 December 2015.
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